An exclusive trip to Wieliczka

Wycieczka do Wieliczka - Kopalnia soli Wieliczka

The salt mine in Wieliczka is one of the most frequently visited heritage sites in Małopolska, with its exceptional atmosphere appreciated by tourists from all over the world. Why is it worthwhile to make a trip there even if we only spend a few days in Kraków? What means of transport to choose to travel in comfort?

How to get to Wieliczka?

It will take about 25 minutes to reach Wieliczka from the centre of Kraków but quite a lot depends on how you wish to get there. You can travel by train, public transport, a minibus or – most comfortably – in a rented car.

Our price of a trip to Wieliczka includes travel by an air-conditioned car, insurance and fuel, you will be taken from and back to the hotel and the car will be waiting for you while you visit the sights. You can pick a prestigious Mercedes, including an S class one.

An exclusive trip to Wieliczka – a visit to the mine

As early as in the 1970s, the “Wieliczka” salt mine was put in UNESCO’s first World Heritage list. It is the world’s only mining facility which has been open interruptedly since the Middle Ages until now.

In the mine, there are two routes to choose from – the Tourist and the Miners’ Route. The first is more popular with visitors as it presents the most beautiful spots in the mine. You can admire 20 chambers, including the most famous one – the Chapel of St. King. Along the way, you will see unique underground lakes, salt sculptures and very original pieces of joinery. Taking the Tourist Route, you go down 135 meters underground. The walk takes about 3 hours (including a tour of the Krakow Saltworks Museum), and the distance to cover is about 3 kilometres.

The Miners’ Route is intended for visitors who wish to experience the thrill of emotion and play the role of a miner. You are given miner’s workwear, a helmet and a lamp and interesting tasks to do along the way, like measuring the level of methane, looking for and transporting salt, as well as setting the path or exploring unknown chambers. Tourists enjoy such adventures very much and are happy to learn about mining traditions.

You can be guided along the Miners’ Route in Polish, English and Russian, and the Tourist Route, additionally in Spanish, French, German and Italian.

What else in addition to the Salt Mine?

Wieliczka offers other attractions too even though most of them are connected with salt mining. If you opt for the Miners’ Route, a good idea is to visit the Krakow Saltworks Museum afterwards, with its collections presenting the development of the mining technique, the salt industry and exhibits which tell the history of the town.

It is also worthwhile to see the Saline Graduation Tower with its therapeutic qualities which are highlighted the most and as an architectural attraction as well.

To end the trip, we suggest you take a stroll to Wieliczka’s Rynek Górny (Upper Market Square) to see the “Salt World”, a truly remarkable, Poland’s largest 3D street painting.